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MacRob, Class of 2004, associates and partners in crime

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I didn't go to Macrob but a lot of my friends did ... Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 03:05 am
Hi, it's Juliana, aka the Macrob groupie who's always got some agenda to push. This time it's a pretty uncontroversial one though, a trivia night in support of tsunami victims; all of you who won't protest have no excuse for not heading along to this. So please go to it.

Tsunami Appeal Trivia Night

In case the image doesn't work:

x -- Tuesday, January 25
x -- Ormond College (Melb Uni) on College Crescent
x -- starting at 7:30pm
x -- $15 a person or $100 for a table of eight
x -- All funds raised will go to UNICEF.

Catering kindly donated by Bluebag.

UNYA VIC: http://www.unya.asn.au/Divisions/Victoria/index.html

OFFERS Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 09:26 pm
To anyone interested I got into AEROSPACE ENGINEERING, so in other words be very afraid when you get on a plane :0
Plz, tell me what other people got into, I found some in the newspaper but most I didn't know the postcodes for.
P.S. Emma Foster is gonna do Medicine/Surgery at Monash!

Early offer release [xposted] Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 12:20 pm
Early offers are available on Monday, thought you girls might be interested. Stolen from ariemdash, but is, i suspect, legit.

STUDENTS who have applied to go to university or TAFE in 2005 can get their tertiary offer a day early next Monday.

A special souvenir edition of the Herald Sun will go on sale at 7.30pm at selected venues next Monday, ending the tense wait for those all-important course offers.

Students can get their copy of the Herald Sun at an early release event at Southgate. Entertainment with radio station Nova starts at 6pm.

A live outdoor broadcast with Nova will also start at the Jam Factory from 7pm.

Selected newsagents and sub-agencies in Melbourne and Geelong will be open next Monday from 7.30pm to 8.30 to sell Tuesday's early edition.

They are: Auburn Newsagency, Beach St Newsagency, Frankston, Berwick Newsagency, Black Rock Newsagency, Brandon Park Newsagency, Cheltenham Newsagency, Clayton Newsagency, Coburg Newsagency, Corio Village Newsagency, Deepdene Newsagency, Dingley Newsagency, Eaglemont Newsagency, East Kew Newspaper Deliveries, Gardenvale Newsagency, Laverton Newsagency, McKinnon Newsagency, Mill Park Newsagency, Mornington Newsagency, Mobil Service Station/Officer Newsagency, Patterson Road Newsagency, Bentleigh, Pinewood Newsagency, Mt Waverley, South Glenferrie Newsagency, Sunbury Newsagency, Thrift Park Newsagency, Mentone, Werribee Newsagency and Young St Newsagency, Frankston.
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: authority zero- revolution

Christmas Dec. 24th, 2004 @ 11:52 pm
Merry Christmas everyone.
And Happy New Year.
May your lives be joyful and presents plentiful.
That you all for a great Year 12.

Dec. 13th, 2004 @ 09:39 am
Congratulations, girls of the class of 2004.
Whether you got 99.5 (which I'm sure is most of you) or 59, you survived, so congratulations.
Vale MacRob, hello life.
Anyone who wants to have a chat about scores, is feeling a little bit miserable, or just wants to tell someone else how well they've done, feel free to comment below, or email me (erinnish@gmail.com).
See you all Thursday for final assembly and Victorian Certificate of Education getting. You've worked 13 years to make it this far.

todays HS on the VCE (See, it does have its uses) -Wednesday's Herald Sun is the spread of 40s and over, if you all want to be seeing your names in print, and on Thursday we see where our beloved MacRob ended up in the League tables. Hopefully it will be a cheerful final assembly.)

Congratulations again, MacRobbians.
Time to enjoy some well earnt rest and celebrating, methinks.
Other entries
» VCE Results
Hey you guys,
I just hope that none of you are terribly disappointed with your results, knowing MacRob we all will be to some extent, just not too much.
If you are joyful please share it with me and I will bask in you success that brings MacRob to the top of the Victorian Schools list in the Herald Sun.
Love ya all guys and miss ya terribly.
Nina M.
P.S. If you want, checkout my tips on how to help your Deli staff serve you better in my personal journal.
» last assembly
please read my idea on the atm2004 page and tell me what you think.
» Year 12 DVD
I'm so glad you guys are loving your year 12 Video ^_^ However, there are a few problems with some of the DVDS we distributed out, ie, they don't work, or they skip quite a lot, making the dvd somewhat unbearable and most likely unwatchable... so if u guys are experiencing this kind of problem, please umm... email me or... whatever, or even come up to me if u see me.. [me, in case ur wondering is Linda Nguyen, if u dont know me, ask someone and perhaps they'll direct u to me] Keep in mind though that in order to get a replacement, we need to have the faulty one back [just in case ur trying to jib us of a free dvd hehe] We have 16 replacement DVD's so please get in fast to grab the working dvds. umm.... ill be around on speech night rehersals, monday and tuesday, and i carry the spares around with me, so just find me, and ill give u a replacement. so if ur dvd is gay, or u know someone who has a gay dvd, tell them they can get a replacement. umm my email is lala_lala123@hotmail.com if u cant find me hehehe. but anyway guys, who ever came up with the idea of this community is a genius !! ^_^
» (No Subject)

i've already watched the DVD bout 5 times...it's funny and all to watch and laugh until the last clip....

i haven't got my photos developed yet but that will be happening soon...

hope everyone is enjoying freedom from school


» (No Subject)

actual muck up day pictures are slowly being added.
to observe the process-
go to photobcket
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password= swordfish.
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